ID2020 Pilot Development

Bringing privacy-protecting, portable and user-centric digital identity to scale. 

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Submit a proposal 


ID2020’s evaluation and selection processes will draw on the expertise of its Secretariat, Advisory Committees and Board of Directors.

  • Solicitation - ID2020 will intake and solicit proposals at varying degrees of comprehensiveness from both partners and non-partner organizations and individuals. For proposals meeting a certain threshold, we will aid in the advancement of the proposal.

  • Evaluation - the ID2020 Secretariat and advisors will evaluate proposals based on a set of transparent evaluation criteria derived from the Alliance’s goals and learning objectives.

  • Selection - ID2020’s Secretariat, Advisors and Board of Directors will ultimately select pilots for varying levels of monetary and non-monetary support following an assessment of feasibility, internal priorities and available resources.

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Evaluation criteria

All pilot project proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria: 

  • Alignment with ID2020’s values and strategic goals - the proposal demonstrates a commitment to individual inclusion, empowerment, protection, and control and identifies an application of digital identity that has the potential to improve individual lives.

  • Adherence to ID2020’s technical requirements - the proposed technology is scalable, open source and built to support interoperability with relevant systems

  • Capacity for scalability and replicability - the proposal is appropriate for wider implementation and the proposing organization has built partnerships and sufficient technical capacity to achieve sustainable impact at scale

  • Feasibility - the proposed budget, timeline and operational requirements are reasonable and in line with ID2020’s resource capacity and relevant regulation

  • Demonstrated risk assessment - the proposal has conducted a rigorous assessment of project risks, specifically concerning the privacy and data security of affected people and any unintended consequences and social costs