Bringing privacy-protecting, portable and user-centric digital identity to life.

ID2020 supports digital identity programs that both directly improve lives and generate needed evidence for how we maximize the potential of digital ID for everyone.


Accelerating Good Digital ID

The ID2020 Alliance collaborates with other organizations and governments to implement digital ID programs that adhere to the principles outlined in the ID2020 Manifesto, and that align with our technical requirements. 



Health & Livelihoods in Mae La Camp

In partnership with iRespond and the International Rescue Committee, this program offers a digital ID platform to the approximately 35,000 externally displaced residents of the Mae La Camp in Thailand. With their digital IDs, participants are able to access healthcare services and securely store educational and professional credentials.

Objectives: Assess if, how, and to what extent this digital ID leads to individual adoption, improved healthcare service treatments, and better health outcomes for camp residents.



Energy Access for Low-Income Families

This program, led by Everest and TNP2K, provides a digital ID platform to members of 6,000 disadvantaged households who qualify for government fuel subsidies. The platform is expected to enable households to obtain their allocated subsidies while reducing delivery inefficiencies, corruption, and wastage.

Objectives: Assess if, how and to what extent this digital identity system leads to individual adoption, increased subsidy redemption, and improved efficiencies in distribution.

Our Approach to Projects

The ID2020 Alliance provides program support for high-impact and high-quality digital ID projects that are privacy-protecting, user-centric, and designed for scale, impact, and replicability.