Bringing privacy-protecting, portable and user-centric digital identity to life.

ID2020 supports digital identity projects that both directly improve lives and generate needed evidence for how we maximize the potential of digital ID for everyone.


Accelerating Good Digital ID

The ID2020 Alliance supports programs that adhere to the principles contained in our manifesto and fulfill our technical requirements. Programs are accepted on a rolling basis and can be submitted below.



Health & Livelihoods in Mae La Camp

In partnership with iRespond and the International Rescue Committee, this project will offer a digital identity platform to the approximately 35,000 externally displaced residents of the Mae La Camp in Thailand. Through their digital identities, participants will be able to not only access improved healthcare services but also securely store educational and professional credentials.

Objectives: Assess if, how and to what extent this digital identity service leads to individual adoption, improved healthcare service treatments and better health outcomes for the camp residents.



Energy Access for Low-Income Families

This project, led by Everest and TNP2K, will provide a digital identity platform to members of 6000 disadvantaged households who qualify for government fuel subsidies. The platform is expected to enable households to obtain their allocated subsidies while reducing delivery inefficiencies, corruption and wastage.

Objectives: Assess if, how and to what extent this digital identity system leads to individual adoption, increased subsidy redemption, and improved efficiencies in distribution.

Our Approach to Projects

The ID2020 Alliance provides funding and other forms of material support for high-impact and high-quality digital identity projects that are privacy-protecting, user-centric, and designed for scale, impact, and replicability. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis at various stages of development. Any individual or organization meeting the required application and evaluation criteria is welcome to submit a proposal.




We accept proposals ( on a continuous basis from partners, non-partner organizations and individuals, consisting of a primary and secondary application.


Our staff and advisors work with applicants to refine project proposals.

Program Resourcing

Our staff and advisors work with applicants to develop a resourcing strategy and mobilize monetary and non-monetary support.

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Alliance Patners


Our staff and advisors work with Alliance partners to conceptualize projects informed by our research efforts.


Our staff and advisors work with Alliance partners to design fit-for-purpose projects.

Partner Resourcing

Our staff works with Alliance partners to develop a resourcing strategy.



Our staff and advisors evaluate proposal based on a set of transparent evaluation criteria.


Throughout the process our staff and advisors provide expert consultations.


Our staff, advisors, and Board of Directors select projects for varying levels of monetary and non-monetary support.

Implementation Support

Our staff and advisors provide ongoing consultations on implementation support.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our staff leverages a robust M&E framework to ensure full documentation and analysis.

Project Expansion

We help projects scale through continued financial support and by helping to build a wider ecosystem of partners.

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