ID2020 Accepting Pilot Project Proposals

ID2020 will begin accepting proposals for privacy-protecting, portable digital identity pilots designed for scale, impact and replicability.

Over 1.1 billion people globally lack any form of officially recognized identity. Without an identity, individuals are often invisible — unable to vote, access healthcare, open a bank account, or receive an education — and bear higher risk for trafficking. Without accurate population data, public and private organizations struggle to broadly and accurately deliver the most basic human services.

The ID2020 Alliance is committed to improving lives through digital identity. ID2020 brings together public and private sector partners — including Microsoft, Accenture, Gavi, Mercy Corps, UNICC, Kiva and Hyperledger — to collaboratively develop and implement secure, portable and user-centric digital identity. This coordinated, multi stakeholder approach ensures that digital identity solutions are brought to scale in a way that is secure, sustainable, and ultimately of most benefit to individuals.

To achieve this mission, ID2020 will identify, develop and provide catalytic funding toward high-impact and high-quality digital identity pilot projects that are privacy-protecting, user-centric, and designed for scale, impact, and replicability.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis at various stages of development. Any individual or organization meeting the required application and evaluation criteria is welcome to submit a proposal. The evaluation and selection processes will draw on the expertise of ID2020’s Secretariat, Advisory Committees and Board of Directors and will be guided by the organization’s monitoring and evaluation framework which ensures that common and robust learnings are generated across all projects.

To submit a pilot project proposal for consideration, click here.

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