The Alliance is intended as a “coalition of the willing,” with membership open to all.  It is our aim to build a diverse group of partners, and as such, we’ve attempted to outline key tenets for alliance participation, rather than providing details specific to each possible type of prospective partner.


While recognizing and respecting differences - and encouraging debate - a common commitment to the Alliance’s goals is necessary. Alliance partners must share the belief that identity is a human right and that individuals must have “ownership” over their own identity. 

Furthermore, agreement to a shared set of principles lays the groundwork for the Alliance’s success:

  • Given the humanitarian mission, partners will work together in good faith, bringing their experience, expertise and networks to bear to collaboratively progress towards the alliance’s goals.
    • Each organization's primary motivation for participation will be humanitarian.
    • Organizations will be clear and upfront about their commercial stance vis-a-vis digital identity.
  • Alliance partnership is open (i.e. there will be no cap on the number or type of participating organizations). However, partnership must be approved by the board following a due-diligence process and partnership can be terminated by decision of the Board. 
    • ID2020 will conduct due diligence on potential partners using established UN policies including, but not limited to, the UNDP “Policy on Due Diligence and Partnerships with the Private Sector” (2013). 
    • Partners are expected to contribute at a level appropriate given their size, resources and capabilities. 
  • While some alliance partners will have commercial interests in relevant technologies, the alliance itself will not pursue or endorse any approach that would provide a party with a monopoly on an element of the solution. 
  • Processes to govern the alliance will be transparent and set by the ID2020 Board
  • Participating organizations will provide advice on policies via their participation in working groups and advisory committees.


While partnership with the ID2020 Alliance is open to all, we recognize that the Alliance itself can only be can only be successful if the organization is fully funded and if all partners contribute what they can to the effort. As such, we’ve designed a tiered partnership model intended to ensure that partnering organizations contribute at a level appropriate to their size and competencies, while fairly recognizing the “bold bets” made by founding partners.

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