The ID2020 Alliance is working to maximize the potential of digital ID to improve lives.

Digital ID, designed and deployed with the individual at its center and in ways that make it available to all would allow some of the most vulnerable people on the planet the power to write their own narrative, accumulate trust, and craft their future.

While the need for digital identity is acutely felt by the over 1 billion people on earth with no identification whatsoever, the truth is that it would benefit everybody. Imagine the headache of opening a new bank account gone because the bank could seamlessly — and critically, without even seeing your private data — know that you were you. Or imagine being able to enter a bar without sharing your address in order to prove your age, or accessing digital services without needing to remember thousands of different passwords.

The ways and means through which we provide ID is generally archaic and flawed, and while the impact on anyone’s ability to access basic services and rights varies greatly, there’s no question that it can be improved. This convergence of needs from the developing and developed worlds creates an amazing opportunity to create a new form of identification that will be equally available for everyone.

Your contribution helps us fund projects to deploy, assess the impact of and optimize promising solutions in a range of environments and accelerate access to digital ID in underserved, vulnerable populations.


ID2020 is:

Providing program support through our Catalytic Fund and Advisory Services to accelerate the uptake of good digital ID.

Steering the market towards good digital ID solutions through our Certification Mark.

Advocating for ethical approaches to digital ID.

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