An approach that is holistic, market-based and addresses the full scope and scale of the challenge

No government, company or agency can solve this challenge alone. Setting the future course of digital ID and navigating the associated risks is a challenge that requires sustained collaboration and global partnership.


The ID2020 Alliance is unique in its philosophy and transparent governance.

ID2020 is building a new global model for the design, funding, and implementation of digital ID solutions and technologies. There is no other multi-stakeholder effort focused on user-managed, privacy-protecting, and portable digital ID.
Ad-hoc investments in single use-case projects (“business as usual”) will be insufficient to bring about transformative impact. Changing the flow of funds is necessary to re-align incentives. That’s why collaborative funding mechanisms are essential to ensure that digital ID can be a platform to enable the delivery of diverse benefits and services throughout an individual’s life.
Private sector engagement is critical for solving at scale. Alliance partners include companies with a collective footprint in the billions and a shared commitment to an ethical approach to digital ID. Decisions about how Alliance funds are administered, which programs to fund, and which technical standards to support are made jointly by Alliance partners through a transparent governance process, preventing dominance by any single institution or sector.

The Alliance, a collaborative effort of global
partners, is solving for scale from day one

Closing the identity gap is an enormous challenge. It will take the work of many committed people and organizations coming together across different geographies, sectors and technologies. But it’s exciting to imagine a world where safe and secure digital identities are possible, providing everyone with an essential building block to every right and opportunity they deserve.
Peggy Johnson Executive VP, Business Development, Microsoft Corporation
Digital identity has the capacity to enable access to vital, life-saving services in many different development and humanitarian contexts, including by accelerating access to basic health care systems. I am excited to join ID2020's Executive Board, and guide the organization and partners in harnessing innovative technologies and multi-sectoral collaboration to benefit the world's most vulnerable populations.
Dr. Seth Berkley CEO, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
Accenture has joined the ID2020 Alliance with partners like Microsoft to create an open, human-centric approach to identity. The alliance draws on advances in biometrics and innovative technologies and brings together expertise from business, government and non-government agencies.
Christine Leong Digital Identity Innovations Lead
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Alliance Governance

As an alliance, the success of this initiative depends on robust collaboration and a clearly defined means for stakeholder engagement.



The governing body for the Alliance is the ID2020 Alliance Executive Board. The eleven member board includes five independent Directors, two Directors nominated as representatives of the public sector Founding Partners, two Directors nominated as representatives of the private sector Founding Partners, one Director nominated as a privacy expert, and one Director representing funding organizations.


Advisory Committees

The Board is supported by four thematic Advisory Committees, which provide in-depth advice to the ID2020 Board. Membership in these committees is set by the Board, with Founding Partners eligible to nominate representatives to two Advisory Committees.



ID2020, a US-registered 501(c)(3) based in San Francisco, CA, is the Secretariat for the Alliance. As such, ID2020 is responsible and accountable for day-to-day operations, including: raising money to fund digital ID projects, coordinating with implementing partners for project implementation, setting and managing technical standards, monitoring and evaluation, legal and financial management and administration of the governance system. Management of these activities is the responsibility of ID2020’s Executive Director.

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